We work directly with teachers and educators to craft the ideal tour to complement your current curriculum.

School tours—particularly those abroad—provide numerous benefits for both students and teachers. Textbook learning comes alive when students interact with the sights, sounds, and people that they’ve previously only read about or discussed in class. Students translate the statistics of history lessons into a tangible understanding of what has happened, and why. They become more culturally sensitive, develop a deeper understanding of the context of their learning, and grow in confidence, independence, and empathy. School tours provide the opportunity to experience curriculum in a way that is meaningful, interesting, and long-lasting.

Teachers find that school tours help them develop better rapport with their students, enhance their teaching skills and future classroom work with hands-on learning, and find professional development benefits. A school tour gives teachers the confidence to explore Vietnam and Cambodia with their students in tours designed with their student’s needs in mind.

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Our history tours in Vietnam and Cambodia are linked directly with what your students learn in school and in their textbooks. We reinforce critical information while providing them with a variety of learning opportunities designed to give a deeper understanding of the history of these countries.

We give the students meaningful first-hand experiences, such as meeting soldiers through workshops and Q & A’s. History really does come alive for students when they interact with those who lived through it. The Vietnam War is a big part of Australian and US history, and through our history tours, students are given unique connections and understanding of this important time.

Sample  Tour

Society and Culture Tour

A Society and Culture tour is an excellent opportunity for students to gain exposure and hands-on learning in Vietnam and Cambodia—two of Asia’s most dynamic and rapidly changing countries. Students visit culturally rich areas such as Sapa and the Mekong where they immerse themselves in many facets of these unique areas.

They don’t just hear from a guide about ancient ways of life, they see and experience it through direct learning about indigenous cultures. We also provide the opportunity to examine economic and social change within the cultural context of these vibrant countries. Through the Society and Culture tour, students develop an understanding and appreciation of society and culture in Vietnam both past and present.

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Food Tech

Learn the full story of food in Vietnam and Cambodia with a VST Food Tech Tour. Students learn how the history of Vietnam and Cambodia has influenced its food throughout the years while enjoying its exquisite cuisine.

This is a very hands-on tour where students and teachers participate in many direct cooking experiences. There’s something very special about cooking alongside others, sharing in the flavours and traditions of another culture. From paddock to plate, we provide a truly authentic experience of the amazing foods from these countries.

Sample  Tour


Come explore the rich history of Vietnamese art, along with art from some of the current leading artists in Asia on our VST Art tours. Students explore Vietnam’s history and culture through the lives and works of its artists—from thousands of years ago to the present day. We look at the influence of other cultures on art in Vietnam, and common themes that can be traced back to the Bronze Age. Inspire your group with our carefully planned tours of private collections, museums, and contemporary art spaces. Each art tour is designed to provide exposure to many artists and mediums in a variety of settings throughout the country.